Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wow - January? Really?

My last post was in January? Well that is just wrong. Let's see, what has happened since January. Well, winter We all got sick a few times. I did my spring cleaning, wrote like a million newsletters for GingerScraps. Well maybe not a million but some days it seems like it. What! We are planning our summer vacation! Just to have a few days to relax away from home would be so worth it.

I'm not sure if I told you but I'm down to 2 creative teams. I just don't have time for the amount of work they need. GingerScraps has been getting so big and busy that I need more time for it. It is fantastic though. Connie Prince has joined us and Colie's Corner is guesting there this month. I can't tell you how amazing it is to have my designers there.

Gosh I feel like I live the most boring life. I have no idea what else to tell you. It seems easy for me to blog for GS, I can talk all about how wonderful it is, but when it comes to me? Not so easy. I'm not sure what you want to know about me.

I guess this is where I'll end my post and hopefully I'll be able to post something interesting soon.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nor'Easter of 2011

We just had our first Nor'Easter of the year. They said the last time we had this much snow in such a short time was 1886. We had almost 2 feet of snow in 24 hours. There definitely wasn't any school today.

There was lots of shoveling and snow blowing. Thank goodness for snow blowers, and thank goodness for husbands who do the snow blowing!

There was also fort building or in this case, a tunnel. Hi Alex!
Now we wait and see if the boys get to play in the snow tomorrow or if they have to go to school.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Catch Up

Geez, I promise to do better blogging then I disappear for months. I'm wondering if it has to do with not having anything to write. This has got to be a hard topic for me. I never know what to say.

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Mine wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I had plans to go to my mother's house, but then there was unexpected company that changed their minds and decided to go. This company has said they don't want me to be around them, so I decided to stay home. Maybe they haven't said those exact words, but that is what their actions have said. Anyway, it was actually nice having a nice Thanksgiving at home.

Christmas was at my mother-in-laws' house. That was actually quite nice. I got to catch up with a sister-in-law I haven't talked to much. Plus for Christmas, Santa bought me a new camera. It isn't anything fancy like a Nikon, but it is small which is exactly what I wanted. Something I can put in my purse and carry around with me. I also got PSE 9. It was a great scrapper's Christmas.

Now that new years is here I do hope to blog more. Hopefully I'll come up with more things to talk about.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What's New in Digi Land?

Have you ever noticed how much drama is in the digital scrapbooking world? It is all over the place. I can't stand it. She said this, she said that. You are friends with her, you aren't friends with her. You didn't say this and you should have. It is crazy! Do you ever feel that way?

I'm just glad that the creative teams I am on now aren't that way. Neither is Ginger Scraps. This is my hobby/job and I don't like having to worry about what I say. I am finally relaxed and happy now. This is the way things should be.

Now that I said that - what do you think about my blogwear? I made it from Colie's Corner's Stolen Moments. I just love this kit, in fact our entire CT has flipped over it. One even made the comment she would leave her husband and marry it if she could. Yes - it is that Don't we have a funny CT?

Here is my layout with Stolen Moments:


Another thing that is what is happening at Ginger Scraps. We are working with Persnickety Prints to offer you a 10% coupon. That's right - all you have to do is enter Ginger Scrap's exclusive coupon code at Persnickety Prints and you can save! That is 10% off EVERYTHING they have - calendars, holiday cards, albums, pictures, layouts, etc.

Last and certainly not least - have you seen Connie Prince's new kit? Comfort and Joy can be found only at Scrapbook Graphics. Here is my layout with it.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm Awful at Blogging!

I swear I have no idea why I'm constantly putting off my blogging. I think it has to do with not being sure what to say. I blog every day for Ginger Scraps but that is easy in that I know I just have to put up the daily download links. I blog once a month for Plum Dumpling, and Trixie Scraps. Maybe that is why it is so hard? Blogging too much for other people and not enough for me? Maybe I should make myself blog here before I do for others.

Oh I didn't tell you I got on Plum Dumpling's CT? Yeah, I know I said I was going to cut back on my CT's so I could work more for GS. I just love Plum Dumplings designs too much to resist being on her team. I've done two layouts for her so far this month.

This one was made with Black and Blue which is a collab between Plum Dumpling and Stolen Moments.
The Flu

This one was made with Funny Face.
Silly Boy

I've been working really hard planning the Halloween Bash for GingerScraps. We have so much planned - Bingo, Contests, Blog Train, Sales - just a lot of fun stuff.

I've also been working making plans for Digital Scrapbooking Day - we have a huge sale planned. Did I tell you I was doing the Battle of the Creative Teams at DSA? I'm on Colie's team. We can use your vote! While you are at it vote for the GingerBread Girls (GingerScraps' CT).

I guess you can say I've been busy. I guess you can say I have a lot going on. But either way, I have to make sure I'm spending time working on me (and yes, that means my diet

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Big News from Ginger Scraps!!

I have a very exciting announcement to make!!

Ginger Scraps is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Persnickety Prints to be the EXCLUSIVE store to sell you Persnickety Prints! Yes, you read that right. You can save 10% on your order from Persnickety just by going through our store! Click on Persnickety Prints in our store - we will give you a link to their store and a coupon code - enter the coupon code and you will automatically save 10% off on your entire purchase!!!! How awesome is that? Yes, you will place your order with Persnickety Prints and yes Persnickety Prints will mail you your order. We are just providing you with a discount for being a fan of GingerScraps!

This is what Ginger - the owner of Ginger Scraps has to say about this:

"So today is FINALLY the day! Chari (Queen of Persnickety Prints) and I have been talking about this since last season of Scrapping Survivor. The whole crew over at Persnickety were such great people! Generous sponsors and their kind genuine vibes came right through my computer monitor. We talked and talked for months trying to figure out how to partner up. I think it is so important to have a printing company you can trust, that use the best quality materials and handles your precious memories with care. And I know I have found this with Persnickety Prints! They are the absolute top notch! The best you can buy and customer service like no other- truly a one of a kind printing company.

So take the leap- go get all your wonderful digi creations printed!!"

Take a look at a few of the services that Persnickety Prints offers (we will be adding more soon too)

Single Prints

Custom Cards

Custom Calendar

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Daily Download At Ginger Scraps

We have started a month long daily download at! Trust me when I say this is something you will want to grab. Well, I guess I can't say that. I mean I can, but I know you will want proof of it.
Ok, then here is a sneak peak:
See? Now don't you want to go grab it? You can! Right now -
(don't forget to grab yesterday's too - it is still available for just a short time!)
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